This week in Cake #2

Tim Koschützki of Debuggable Ltd. explains how to bend the find() method to your own needs. In the comments there are also two links to other posts about this subject, namely to: Daniel Hofstetter (CakeBaker) - Defining custom find types and Nate Abele (on C7Y) with Best Practices in MVC Design with CakePHP
Peter Butler from Studio Canaria created a CakePHP Currency Conversion Component that updates right from the internet. This way it’s always up-to-date with the latest currency conversion rates.
Teknoid as a nice post about form security on his blog: nuts and bolts of cakephp
And last but definitely not least: Cake 1.2 RC2 has been released!! See the post in the Bakery
That’s it for this week. Next week i’ll be in France relaxing at the coast, so no update then ;)
Happy Baking!