CakePHP - Web Test Cases with SimpleTest

I have fallen in love with CakePHP's integration of the SimpleTest
libraries. With the type of work that I normally do, unit-testing is
hard to utilize successfully. That is to say, most of the applications
I work on have very straight-forward components and not a lot of
complex functions/methods. I would only be testing whether or not they
worked at all, rather than if they worked in a wide-array of

For example, unit-testing a simple news list and detail page is
probably overkill. Sure, you can test your classes by simple
instantiating them but that only goes so far. My new method involves
using SimpleTest's Scriptable Browser to actually crawl webpages and
ensure that the proper data is being displayed. That way, I can catch
all my php errors, including notices and warnings, insure that the
proper headers are being sent, and assert that certain text is
appearing on the page. Unit-testing will rarely catch a poorly coded
method that throws a PHP notice whereas the Scriptable Browser will.