cakephp VS codeigniter VS zend framework

Very possibly very related:
What PHP framework would you choose for a new application and why?
Zend or CakePHP?

Which one is better?

Some people say CakePHP is better for php 4, what do you think?

In my case, I would like the following:

Lesser code to write, have really strong library and plugin base. Always have new library etc added in from contributor, eg: google map and etc...

Ability to use together with the templating system like smarty.

Have ACL that can control all the permission level issue.

Load class when needed, unload when not needed. Load class once and use globally.

Can run in windows environment (I am using xampp to run my php in windows.)
After the site done, I will upload all codes into windows 2008 server (using php 5)