SEO your CakePHP application

I am Search Engine Optimizing an older CakePHP application. When I started, I was looking for a solution in .htaccess, but that's not the right way.Your .htaccess is already set up to have CakePHP process all incoming URLs. It already knows what to do with your controllers and actions. The magic word is routing. Routing is your friend when you want to optimize your URLs.Of course, when you develop a new CakePHP app, be sure to think about SEO and how your URLs will look like. If your app is finished, and your URLs don't seem very friendly use routing.For example, if your current url is and you want to use, you could solve it like this:Your controller is the games_controller, the function is view().Add this to routes.php:$Route->connect('/games/*', array('controller' => 'games', 'action' => 'view'));So, when you call, the function view within games_controller will be called with two parameters, the first one is platform, the second is prince-of-persia.You have to rewrite your function to show the right data. For example forget the first parameter, and use the second to identify the record in your database.Don't forget to build your sitemap, maybe that will be the next article :)-- Guillaume was digging in the source code of CakePHP and found: